Data Categories

Public Transport Information

Data productDescriptionData supplier
Timetables Railway company
Ticket informationGeographical coverage: Baden-Württemberg temporal coverage: current processing statuses of the data, partly real-time data.Public authorities
Routing requestsRequests to multi- and intermodal routing system for the Karlsruhe area.Software Developer
Public transport geographical coverageGeographical coverage: Munich. GTFS formatPublic transport operator
Public transport timetables Interest group
Public transport fare data Interest group
Public transport real-time data Interest group
Bus stop directory Interest group
Line numbers, routes  Interest group
Public transport vehicle data Interest group
Bundled taxi station data Baden-WürttembergLocation data on taxi stands at public transport stops in Baden-Württemberg.Public sector
Realtime public transport data Baden-WürttembergAccess via TRIAS API to the state-wide timetable information system (EFA-BW). It is a manufacturer-neutral interface that is also offered by other operators of information systems. The format of this interface is documented by the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) in VDV document no. 431-2.Public sector
Multi-modal accessibility of largest German citiesRDF (Star) Knowledge graph with connection durations between the 100 most populous German cities in terms of car, train and flight.Mobilithek
Public Transport Data Baden-Württemberg Access to the nationwide timetable information system via the TRIAS API. Public sector

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