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Fuel Price and Electromobility

Data productDescriptionData supplier
Forecast data for renewable energiesForecast data for renewable energies (PV, wind) for Germany in temporal and spatial resolution as required by usersResearch institute
Charging pointGeographical information on charging points worldwideCard service provider
State of charge and range of electric carState of charge and remaining range of a specific electric vehicle with personalised consent.German car manufacturer
Power consumption and charging demandDisplay of electricity consumption in a geographical area or measurement of charging potential in that area.German car manufacturer
Tank levelFuel level and remaining range of the vehicleGerman car manufacturer
Charging method and plug type German car manufacturer
Charging status German car manufacturer
Status of charging plug connection German car manufacturer
Fuel tank range German car manufacturer
Tank levelAbsolute and relative fuel levelGerman car manufacturer
Remaining electric range in km German car manufacturer
Size of the high-voltage battery German car manufacturer
Display of charging time German car manufacturer
Calculated remaining charging time of the high-voltage battery German car manufacturer
Maximum energy content of the high-voltage battery German car manufacturer
Energy content of the high-voltage battery German car manufacturer
Forecast of remaining charging time German car manufacturer
Charging station register The data on publicly accessible charging infrastructure in Germany reported by the Federal Network Agency as part of the Charging Column Ordinance (LSV) can be accessed. In addition, the charging stations of the city of Reutlingen are integrated, since these were collected by the city itself, this data is very accurate.Public sector

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