Data Categories


Data productDescriptionData supplier
Motion dataMovement data based on mobile phone informationTelecommunications company
Status data of vehicles (e.g. broken down vehicle) German car manufacturer
Status of doors and boot German car manufacturer
Position of the vehiclePosition of the vehicle with longitude and latitude German car manufacturer
Orientation of the vehicle German car manufacturer
Mileage German car manufacturer
Statistics Mileage data German car manufacturer
Status of doors German car manufacturer
Engine status (on/off) German car manufacturer
Ignition status German car manufacturer
Status of vehicle window German car manufacturer
Average speed driven German car manufacturer
Basic vehicle data German car manufacturer
List of optional equipment German car manufacturer
Tyre pressure German car manufacturer
Maintenance requirements German car manufacturer
Connected car data Data platform
Driving speedDynamic or near-real-time data. Coverage of all of Europe and parts of South and North America. Sensor Developer
Origin-Destination Analyses Management consultancy
Vehicle identificationMaster data and equipment codesGerman car manufacturer
Master dataMake, model, engine, transmission, colourGerman car manufacturer
Parts informationGeneral parts information, glass parts, ADAS equipment, pictures, vehicle emissions (WLTP)German car manufacturer
Sales prices German car manufacturer
Warranty plans German Automobile Manufacturer
Vehicle connectivityConnected, connected, functions on demandGerman car manufacturer
Origin-Destination AnalysesMovement data based on mobile phone informationTelecommunications company
Bundled E-Scooter data SwitzerlandDynamic data on the locations and availability of e-scooters in Switzerland, available in a bundled way. Other providers will follow, available in various formats via the MobiData BW API.Public sector
Bundled eco-counter bike counting data Baden-WürttembergData from the current Eco-Counter bike counters in Baden-Württemberg. The bike counting data is retrieved via the Eco Visio domain and the API store of EcoCounter and converted into various output formats. Included are historical (since 2013) and current (within 7 days) bike count data updated hourly, various formats (CSV, JSON and EXCEL).Public sector
Mobile-based OD matrices for GermanyOrigin-destination matrices of total passenger traffic, based on a 500x500m grid, respectively on zip code level for Germany. The representation includes an average working day, as well as Saturday and Sunday for representative weeks in fall 2022 and spring 2023. In addition to the OD-matrices, an image of the daily population (visitors and residents) is presented in the aforementioned geographic resolution and enhanced with additional attributes such as socio-demographics (age and gender), as well as nationality. The matrices are delivered as csv files. The zoning of the study area, as well as the analysis period can be modified on request according to the requirements.Data provider
Shopping center/Retail analyticsRetail Analytics offer comprehensive data insights across specific areas in Germany (shopping centers, pedestian zones, outlets etc). This key information aids retail businesses in understanding customer preferences, devising store expansion plans, conducting competitor analysis, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.Telecommunications company
POI near realtimeNear-real-time Point of Interest (POI) analytics deliver detailed insights on various locations across Germany with minimal delay. Businesses can leverage such analytics to observe immediate visitation behaviors. These kind of datasets can be used for DOOH, traffic- and visitoranalytics.Telecommunications company
Forecast Data Day-Ahead PV 

Electricity forecast data for day-ahead photovoltaic (PV) production in Germany on a 15-min time resolution and per German postal code areas. Updates are available twice a day. Reduction to 1-hour resolution and other regions is possible, as well as updating up to 96 times per day based on recent weather information for the next hours. Forecast data assets may be adapted to specific application needs including further renewable generation with data consumers on demand. 

Research institute
B2B Address data - Bus companiesMarketing addresses, contact persons and additional company information of bus companies Germany and AustriaSpecialist publisher Logistics and Transport
B2B Address data - Transport and logisticsMarketing addresses, contact persons and additional company information of transport companies, shipping companies, carriers, couriers etc. Specialist publisher Logistics and Transport
B2B Address data - Taxi sectorMarketing addresses, contact persons and additional company information of taxi companies and Taxicab centersSpecialist publisher Logistics and Transport
B2B Address data - Fleet sizeMarketing addresses, according to fleet sizes car, truck, bus and desired industriesSpecialist publisher Logistics and Transport
B2B News- and corporate publishingB2B news, specialist information and contractes publications digital and print on transport, logistics, automotive, passenger transport, commercial vehicle workshops, etc.Specialist publisher Logistics and Transport

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