Data Categories

Car and Bike Sharing

Data productDescriptionData supplier
Car sharingGeographical coverage: Baden-Württemberg
Temporal coverage: current processing statuses of the data, partly real-time data
Public sector
Bike sharingBike sharing data from MVG RadPublic transport operator
Motion data of cyclistsHeatmap of movement patterns of bike sharing users in different German citiesBike sharing provider
Bundled car sharing data Baden-WürttembergData on the locations of stations and available carsharing vehicles at the stations with car sharing offers in Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland. Retrievable in various formats (WFS/WMS and GBFS) and via the MobiData BW API, the DORA API. Provided data is continuously expanded.Public sector
Bundled bike sharing data Baden-WürttembergData is available on the locations of bikesharing stations, the availability of bikes at the stations and location data on free-floating providers in Baden-Württemberg, Switzerland and France (Grand Est region).
This involves static and dynamic data, bundled and retrievable in various formats.
Public sector
Bundled E-Scooter data SwitzerlandDynamic data on the locations and availability of e-scooters in Switzerland, available in a bundled way. Other providers will follow, available in various formats via the MobiData BW API.Public sector

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