Dynamic and powerful:
the Mobility Data Space and its backers


Designed by industry experts:
the genesis of the Mobility Data Space

The Mobility Data Space goes back to a resolution of the Concerted Action Mobility (KAM) of Germany's Federal Government from November 2019. More than 200 German mobility stakeholders from the science, industry and public administration sectors worked on the concept. acatech - the National Academy of Science and Engineering steered and coordinated the process.

In 2021, the holding company of the Mobility Data Space was founded, the "DRM Datenraum Mobilität GmbH". It is structured as a neutral non-profit organization and tasked with the development as well as the technical and commercial orchestration of the Mobility Data Space. The founding shareholder of the GmbH is acatech.

The founding Managing Director of the company is acatech Managing Director Manfred Rauhmeier. The two operational managing directors are Michael Schäfer - focus on technology  & governance - and Dr. Tobias Miethaner - focus on market & community.

The Mobility Data Space is funded by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV).

Portrait of Karl-Heinz Streibich

„To maintain the independence of mobility services in Germany, we need a rallying movement that involves all the players. Its main focus must be European regulations - retaining sovereignty as we commercialize our domestic mobility services.“

Digitization is the driver of tomorrow's mobility. In order to make transportation simpler, more reliable, faster and with lower emissions, the modes of transportation must be better interlinked with each other and attractive alternatives to individual transportation must be created. The Mobility Data Space supports the data exchange necessary for that.

The Mobility Data Space is a flagship project that is hugely important for society as a whole – for the future of mobility and for exchanging data to German and European standards. I am delighted to be promoting this project together with our partners from the private and public sectors.


Expertise and competence:
shareholders and committees of the Mobility Data Space

The Supervisory Board consists of 11 members elected by the shareholders' meeting. This board works closely with the management and advisory boards for the benefit of the company. It monitors and advises the management.

The advisory board is an independent expert body whose members are drawn from private companies and public institutions as well as scientific or other organizations in the mobility field. They qualify through special expertise and knowledge of the sector and are appointed by the shareholders' meeting of DRM Datenraum Mobilität GmbH. For the benefit of the company, members of the advisory board work closely with the management, the supervisory board and the shareholders.

The central task of the advisory board is to advise the management and the supervisory board on technical issues such as strategic orientation or developing new uses of the Mobility Data Space.

In addition to the Association for the Promotion of the German Academy of Science and Engineering (Förderverein der Deutschen Akademie der Technikwissenschaften e.V.), shareholders include BMW INTEC Beteiligungs GmbH, Caruso GmbH, Deutsche Bahn Aktiengesellschaft, Deutsche Post AG, HERE Europe B.V., HUK-COBURG Haftpflicht-Unterstützungs-Kasse kraftfahrender Beamter Deutschlands a.G. in Coburg, Mercedes-Benz AG, VDV eTicket Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH and Volkswagen Group Info Services AG, as well as the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia.

MDS Shareholders

More than 200 stakeholders from science, industry and public administration worked on the conception of the MDS. For long-term operation, acatech - National Academy of Science and Engineering has transferred the project to the DRM Datenraum Mobilität GmbH as a supporting company (non-profit GmbH). The MDS is funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport.

Shareholders of DRM GmbH are:


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